Can You Live In Your Home While The Roof Is Being Redone?

If your roof is being redone, you may want to know if you can still live in your home. The short answer is that yes you can as long as you can handle the noise. Here is more information on this matter so you know what the answer is to whether you can live in a home with a roof being redone or not.

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When roofing work is done there is a lot of hammering with hammers and electrical hammers. These make a lot of noise and can not only bother you inside of your home, these things can get loud enough to get to your neighbors as well. One good idea is to go to your neighbors before you get work done to tell them that it’s going to get loud for a few days while you get your roof replaced. You don’t want to annoy everyone around you because they didn’t expect for your roof to get worked on.

There are some roofers that will bring radios with them that they listen to as they do their work. If this bothers you, generally you can tell them to turn it off and they will listen to you. But, if you decide to stay elsewhere during the roof being replaced, they may just turn the radio on and listen to music as they work even if it bothers people around the area. You may want to check on your home every once in a while to make sure they’re doing their work and aren’t blasting the radio while doing so because you want to not bother your neighbors as much.

During a rain storm, a good roofing company is going to cover up the areas of the roof that could leak since they are working on it and some of the parts of the roof may be removed. When a rain storm happens, it’s okay to live in your home without having to worry about roofing noises. But, if you notice a leak or more than one leak, call the roofers and tell them they need to come cover up the roof better so you don’t have to deal with leaks.

Figure out how many days a roofing project is going to take and you can just stay at a motel for a few days until they are done with their work. Or, you can have them do their work while you are doing work yourself for the day. Figure out a schedule that lets you enjoy quiet time in your home when you are done with your day. You don’t want to hire them to do the work at a time you’re going to be home if the sounds are going to make it hard for you to relax.

Generally, you can live in your home while the roof is being worked on. It may not be a good time, however, due to the sounds being loud. Ask the roofers that work on your home what they recommend if you want a professional opinion.